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The Broward County Board of County Commissioners is seeking applicants for the position of customer service representative at the Oakland Park, Florida store. This professional position specialises in providing administrative and customer support to the staff of the Department and Department assigned to the Department of Public Works, Public Safety and Emergency Management (DPW). This includes customer activities such as greeting and greeting customers, exploring needs, identifying solutions and other face-to-face customer activities. The role of the individual is also critical for leading customer service representatives from other departments to meet the needs of the business and to support the development of customer service policies, procedures and procedures.

The functions listed below represent the majority of the time spent in the working class. It may be that management or supervisory experience is required based on the area of deployment and other responsibilities are assigned based on the frequency of hours and days of service.

Accreditation of an accredited university or university is required, as is a bachelor's degree or equivalent in a related subject.

The holder must be certified as a Workforce Professional by an accredited university or university with a Bachelor's degree or equivalent in a related subject. You must have a valid driving license, valid passport and valid US passport for this position.

Candidates who claim veterans preferences must include submission documents, including character service, to support the submission form, along with any other documentation required by the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) or the Florida Veterans Administration (VAA). Candidates must undergo a background check of their military service record, which includes a copy of their National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) form and all related documents.

By building up your individual skills and strength, the overarching goal is to increase your independence and independence - independence in your job and your community. Must be able to perform sedentary work that involves walking or standing at all times and exerts more than 10 pounds of force regularly or repeatedly to maintain keystroke operations. The ability to move large, bulky, heavy goods and perform tasks that require prolonged physical exertion, such as performing - the - work duties.

Prospective and current employees are encouraged to discuss ADA accommodations with the Professional Standards and Human Rights Section. The DEO is working with partners to implement measures to increase the number of jobs, businesses and tourists coming to our state. Our vision is that Florida has the nation's best performing economy and is recognized as the best place in the world to live, work, play, learn and do business.

Applicants who require adequate housing as defined by the American with Disabilities Act must notify the agency's hiring authority or the People First Service Center. The transfer is accepted, but must be notified to the recruitment authorities at least 30 days in advance in order to have sufficient time to provide accommodation.

A series of financial literacy courses is part of a series that helps to lay the foundations for self-sufficiency. Ultimately, long-term employment with the service allows participants to earn, retain and grow wealth while remaining employed, escaping poverty and committing suicide.

The service aims to help participants to maintain and maintain jobs and to increase knowledge of concepts and behaviours of financial stability. Participants are also encouraged to attend financial literacy courses, such as the Financial Literacy Course and the Financial Security Course.

We provide excellent customer service and communicate with our employees, customers, customers, employees of other companies and other stakeholders. We consult with customers to provide information about our services and to obtain details of problems and concerns.

As part of Lowe's commitment to giving back to the community, our team participates in a variety of community fundraising projects, including community garden revitalization, helping veterans and working with the NFL on salute service projects. The work of the Arc is mainly financed by donations from our customers and contributions from local businesses and individuals.

Use advanced web skills to create animated banners, create computer-generated illustrations and technical drawings, retouch photos, and update the agency's online information. Plan and research and recommend technical solutions for print publications and other accompanying materials for advanced projects. Produce a variety of web content for the Lowe website and social media accounts, including webinars, blog posts, blogs, videos, social networking sites and more. Acting as a lead worker in project teams and planning, designing, editing, reviewing, updating and reviewing content, as well as planning, researching and recommending technical solutions for a print publication or for any advanced project.

Maintain the agency's website and social media sites, write informative and relevant articles for newsletters, write print articles for print publications, webinars, blogs, videos, social networks and more. The Service Manager ensures that the department is ready to serve customers by inspiring committed, customer-oriented behavior, reducing customer complaints and giving customers positive first impressions when they enter the store.