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It's easy to see why Fort Lauderdale Magazine praised the City of Oakland Park for its scenery. From the Downtown Culinary Arts District, where residents and visitors alike enjoy the Grand Plaza and Jaco Fountains, to the downtown shopping and dining district and the waterfront, we are experiencing a kind of Oakland Park Renaissance. The revival of the historic downtown with new restaurants, shops, restaurants and hotels has attracted waves of newer homeowners and businesses.

Oakland Park also has many architecturally intricate libraries that contain a large number of books and serve as great learning spaces. If you want to do something more dynamic, you can visit numerous parks and trails such as the Grand Plaza and Jaco Fountains, as well as many of the city's historic buildings and parks. OaklandPark has outdoor facilities and special events that bring the community together on almost every major holiday. One of these events is held in Jaco Pastorius Park and is one of the most popular events in Fort Lauderdale.

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If you need a city or city located 35 miles east of Oakland Park, you can filter the value table. For example, if you are looking for a city 30 miles south of Orlando or 25 miles north of Tampa Bay but 35 miles east, I would filter to get to Oakland Park and then filter again to get to Towns, which is 35 miles south of Oakland Park.

Simply download the Oakland Park, FL map, which is easy to access when traveling over the Internet. Save this PDF to get a free printable map of Oakland Park, or use the satellite view to get a more detailed look at the city and its locations.

These images and documents, originally collected by the Oakland Park Historical Society of the City, include a collection of materials that the public rarely sees. Today we are proud to ensure access to this important historical collection and to present materials and materials from the collection in a safe, accessible and accessible manner. It was opened in 1925 and is today the oldest functioning school in the district with more than 2000 pupils.

If you were to rock past one of the Oakland Park water holes and throw back a few beers, you'd be in good hands for a good time.

If beer is not your favourite drink, try some of the best wines in the area at Candela's restaurant. This wine bar not only offers some excellent local wines, but also a wide selection of local craft beers. Tatts tacos and beer garden are right on your alley, so stop by in summer to eat some delicious snacks. Taste one of Oakland Park's most popular craft beer and wine bars, and if beer isn't your favorite drink, head to Candelas Restaurant for a tasting of one or two of the best wines.

Red Road Linear Park is a 1.3 km paved footpath that runs along the west bank of Snapper Creek Canal. Oakland Park also has some trendy restaurants, such as the East Coast Diner, with its funky décor and eclectic menu. If you fancy some East Coast food, Peter Pan Diners is the place to go if you fancy eating East Coast dinner.

Oakland Park is minutes from the city of Fort Lauderdale, so you have a choice of beach resorts, as the popular resort of West Palm Beach and the seaside resort of Port St. Lucie are also nearby. A paved pedestrian and bike path is located on the west bank of the Snapper Creek Canal in Oakland Park, Florida.

Combine that with a thriving restaurant scene, a growing downtown and self-contained community perks and you have a great place to live, play and linger. Use this comprehensive list to explore the many opportunities Oakland Park has to fill up. Take the opportunity to visit some of its educational institutions and shop in its many shops and restaurants.

The median value of a home in Oakland Park is $174,943 a month, and the median rent in Oakland Park is $1,127 a month. Race: The population of Oakland Park is 50% black, 50% white, 10% brown and 4.4% widow (no data). 11.9% of the population have some form of disability and 11% (9%) some form or disability.

If you can satisfy your curry chicken, macaroni and cheese, chicken wings, burgers and pizza cravings, make sure to tempt them with a visit to the Oakland Park Brewing Company's tavern. Plan a guided tour of the brewhouse to learn about its techniques and history, or taste delicious beers. Try live music on the terrace on Fridays and Saturdays, and beer and wine tastings on Thursdays and Fridays.

More About Oakland Park

More About Oakland Park